Has anyone watched "Three Sisters of Cat Eyes"? This is a cartoon.

I do n’t know if this cartoon is a plot of the cat's eye stealing the violin in the first episode. Can you tell me? please! Intersection Intersection

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  1. Diversity plot:
    Episode 1
    The young police officer of the Inu Ming Police Station, Inner Hai Junfu, has always wanted to steal many precious gemstones and famous paintings. Daily was severely reprimanded by the section chief. At this time, Junfu, who was frustrated, often came to a teahouse called Cat Eye to drink tea to dispel the sorrow. However, it is the clues of these three sisters who collect the missing father and look for various artworks that their fathers have collected. They want to find out the mystery of my father's mysterious disappearance from it, and Cat Eye is the incarnation of Hitomi. Junfu knew it all.

    Episode 2

    One day, a man who reported his name was Kagawa to find Junfu. Protect. The tears who heard the incident immediately sneaked into the Kagawa Museum of Fine Arts with Tongzi, but the two saw Kagawa, who were about to die. Junfu, who hurried to the scene, rashly determined that the cat's eye was done, and at this time, Tongzi learned from Yongshi that the matter was related to the gangster of politics.

    Episode 3

    Junfu did not expect that he was monitored. When looking for a black star emerald "Green Temptation" operation, the failure pupil fled, and was shot by Xiaoai's classmates-Hemei. It was exactly the same as that of this shadow as Hitomi, and began to doubt whether the pupil was a cat's eye. Tongzi was ready to take the "green temptation" gem from the Tokyo Museum of Art again. You know that the beauty of this matter was on the night when Tongzi was preparing to act, he insisted on going to the Hitomi family to stay.

    Episode 4

    In order to participate in the international art exhibition held in Paris, France, Alrubell, known as a female painter of modern art, came to Japan. Tongzi wanted to see it and formulated a detailed action plan with Yongshi. At this time, the theft gang, known as the "Rube's Bride", also plans to steal Rubel's work. Due to the failure to find out the opponent's action plan, Tongzi was ancestrally boarded. The stolen gangs pretended to be Rubel and stole the work quietly. Tongzi they kept tracking to the warehouse of the dock.

    Episode 5

    The Police officer from the headquarters from the headquarters to the Inupel Police Station began to study from the inside of the police station. She thought: Is this related to Junfu? There is his girlfriend in the teahouse that Junfu often goes-Hitomi. In the subsequent case, when the light valley tracked the cat's eyes, he noticed that the smell of perfume on the cat's eye was the same as that of the pupil, and confirmed his judgment. Tongzi was injured at the scene of the crime and struggled with Asakua, so he had to stay at home alone. But at this time, Asakua appeared in front of the pupil again.

    Episode 6

    In the art museum on the holiday coast, cat eyes are ready to start with famous painting "Oliang". After receiving the notice, Junfu, who quickly rushed to the scene with Asaku, did not expect to be welcomed by the enthusiasm of the three sisters of the pupil. Looking at the tired Junfu, Tongzi distressed that he was tired of work. He wanted to go on vacation with him and proposed to go to the beach. But of course, Junfu, who wanted to arrest Cat's Eye, couldn't understand the mood of Hitomi. They misunderstood each other.

    Episode 7

    The dating of Junfu and Hitomi due to the continuous explosion. The sad pupils did not think about participating in the formulation of new goals. So Tears asked Junfu to participate at the upcoming pupil birthday party. Finally, Tongzi smiled happily again. On the birthday, when everyone was playing happily, Junfu was urgently notified, and the killer in the bombing case was now being guarded in the building. There is an art gallery in this building, which is preserved with the early works of Heionz, "Karen Cathedral". Hitomi followed Junfu's tail and went straight to the building.

    Episode 63

    The failed to arrest the cat's eye, the shallow valley, Chiefs, and Junfu of the criminal investigation were surrendered. Asakua was reduced to a management road; the section chief was reduced to the parking lot; Junfu was reduced to traffic duty. Tongzi couldn't help but feel a little complicated when he saw that the three of them were depressed. The three of them came to the three criminal investigations to take over the outstanding elements of the police department. The prey he prepared for Cat's Eye is Cinderella's gold and silver jewelry, and he is convinced that he has cultivated his ability to train during FBI. In order to maintain their professional reputation, the three of Junfu were determined to vow to protect these gold and silver jewelry.

    Episode 64

    Today is the first time that Hitomi and Junfu had not met for a long time, and Junfu, who was a little late, brought a child. It turned out that this child was Yongyi, the son of Mr. Pingshan, the neighbor. Pingshan will not be able to come back because of the affairs at home, so he will take care of his son to Junfu. Junfu, who had just returned home, was suddenly told by the section: three criminal investigations received information, saying that cat eyes are likely to stole the "gold kettle" tonight. As a result, Junfu had to give Yongyi to Tongzi to control it. As a last resort, Hitomi had to take Yong as soon as he went to his goal.

    Episode 65

    Mi -driving from the club's pupil and Junfu home, but encountered a taxi driver who did not talk about driving to drive the car in front of them Essence The passengers sitting in the car were a pair of old people, and their gold ring became the next goal of cat eyes. Junfu, who was called to the martial arts field, did not expect that the couple were so proficient in judo and swordsmanship, and he suddenly stayed. Under the cheer of the pupil and tears that rushed to quickly, Junfu struggled, but he did not know that the cat's eyes had stolen the ring to change the pillar in the game. But the secret about this ring was hidden.

    Episode 66

    three superstars in the United States intend to hold a party on the spacecraft at Japan. Three criminal investigations received information. At the venue, Hayhnz's famous paintings will be bribed as gifts. At this time, Cat's Eye was ready to act. Junfu came to the spacecraft with the dating of Tongzi with tears. When the owner of the spacecraft heard the news of the cat's eye theft, he dismissed. In order to be able to catch the cat's eye that is about to theft, the spacecraft is covered with guards everywhere.

    Episode 67

    A wonderful game is about to begin. At first, the pupils who refused to participate in the competition got intelligence from Yongshi. After the prize of the game was Haynez's precious pendant, he immediately promised to come with Tears and Xiao Ai, and the three sisters were excited again. But I didn't want to appear at the scene. Asaka also quietly applied for registration because of his strong competitive psychology. After some contest, only three sisters and Qiangu were left in the end. In the end, who can become the winner?

    Episode 68

    This is a man named Sakai from the Kanto Police Department. The man had stolen Hehhnz's commemorative thing in the past, and now he hides it somewhere. Since only Sakai knows the hidden place, the previous theft gangs are also tracking him. The tear -to -earn opportunity to eat with Sakai to clear the hidden location, which turned out to be in the toilet wall of the Inu Ming Police Station. In order to get the commemorative object, Sakai had to take a risk to dig back a little bit to dig the wall. When he was almost successful, theft gangs suddenly snatched the memorial.

    Episode 69

    The goal of this cat's eye is a 1 billion yen jewelry displayed in the jewelry exhibition. , Get in. At this point, the theft occurred suddenly. Tongzi used cat eye cards to rescue the young girl, who was hostages, and slightly applied Xiaozi and Asaki to think she was a man. Mingson, who chased Hitomo, saw tears and Xiao Ai in the car. In order to keep the secrets of the cat's eyes, Xiao Ai had to lie to Mingzi that Hitomi was a frequent visitor to a teahouse, but Tears was investigated by the police.

    Episode 70

    Three sisters hurriedly decided to travel to Saipan. They learned that Yamamoto Yamamoto, a commentary on Lake Subaku on the island, knew where Haynez's pure gold food was hidden and learned about his action plan. Yamamoto found the pure golden food device underwater as a commentator of Lake Subaku. Tong Zi was worried that Junfu would come to take a vacation, but after thinking about it, his section chief would not be allowed. They pretend to be tourists, close to Yamamoto. At the same time, a mysterious man who worked together with Yamamoto appeared, and he began to attack Xiao Ai. The three sisters did not know the sinful conspiracy behind this.

    Episode 71

    The famous painting "Glass Goddess" in the black rock gallery. Tears occasionally noticed that it is a ravioli. This painting is a unique work she painted with her father when she was a child. The cat's eye estimates that the real traces must be sneaked into the gallery in the Black Rockman, but it was recorded by the camera. Heiyan did not want to provide the videotape to the police. He wanted to preach through the public opinion world to expose the true face of the cat's eyes. He did this, and he wanted to make a lot of the limelight. After the processing of expert Mu Village, the picture created by it is presented ...

    Episode 72

    thief. He asked the employees to put laser laser and dig in the museum. There is a gem in this museum. It is said that as long as you touch it, people will feel uncomfortable. In order to get it, Cat's Eye formulated a plan to use the digging well. Cat's eye passed the well through the three -dimensional image of the secret weapon. Junfu used the tear bomb and the "big ball" weapon eliminated by the U.S. army to confront them. In the art museum, a war of advanced weapons was launched.

    Episode 73

    Thei newly wrote a drama troupe to rehearse movie script. The story is based on cat eyes. The director decided to play the role of cat eyes by their three sisters. Of course, the personnel below the section and the criminal investigation are played by temporary actors. Everything was in the rehearsal, but the cat's eye wanted to get the jewelry owned by Mrs. Kurokawa Consortium. According to Yongshi, this is also Haynez's collection. However, the tight guards of Kurokawa's official residence made Cat's eyes want to dispel the idea. In the end, she still came up with a good way to use the opportunity to participate in Xiaoai ...

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