3 thoughts on “Why does the diamond ring be broken inside?”

  1. Because 18K gold is 75%gold and 25%of other metals made of alloys, according to this proportion. The original color of 18K gold is actually yellow. Generally, white 18K gold is because the surface is plated with a layer of platinum. So after you wear it for a long time, you will turn yellow when you fall off. You can take it to the store and plated it, just like the new.

  2. Diamond ring, if you have a good quality, you should not break the diamond! So hard, what can you use to break him? Even if there is a collision, at most, the diamonds will not be broken. Is there any problem in itself? Or do you find a small merchant, a small brand or something? In the future, I choose a diamond ring, and I still compare a few more. I think that the choice of those on the front line will be guaranteed, such as Tiffany, Levis, Cartier. Essence Essence

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