Is there a plastic product wholesale market in Kunming?

I want to buy more than 25*10 plastic boxes. Want to ask if there is a wholesale market in Kunming? I am in Juhua Village, how can I take a car?

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3 thoughts on “Is there a plastic product wholesale market in Kunming?

  1. The first is gorgeous. Kunming, the Huali Plastic Products Factory in the Economic Development District of Kunming, is located in the beautiful spring city of the four seasons-Kunming. Our factory was established in 1998, covering an area of ​​more than 100 acres. Since its establishment, we have adhered to providing customers with high -quality, high -quality, and cheap products for the quality goal of "quality first, reputation first" and the quality goal of "constantly improving customer satisfaction". Since the establishment of the factory in 1998, through its own continuous development of innovation and the support of the majority of new and old customers, our factory has dozens of advanced injection molding machines. Packaging container ...

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