"Czech" present situation, take you to see the real Czech Republic

​The Czech Republic, the capital of Prague, and Germany, Austria, Poland, Serbia borders the four countries, located in the center of Europe, the total area of 78,866 square kilometers, is a developed capitalist country.

Czech population of 10.65 million, the vast majority are Czechs, other minority population is very small, such as 2.9% Slovak, 1% German. ​For historical reasons, the Czech Republic is more afraid of the contradictions caused by multi-ethnic problems, with Hungary and the Soviet Union carrying out the mutual migration of their minority population 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

The Czech Republic is called The Czech Republic. Not Jack. They don't like the acronym Czech and want other countries to adopt Czechia.

The Czechs were actually part of the Slavs, and they were part of a westward movement called the Sisravians. Slavs have east, South, and west. Why not North Slavs?

Czechs pay great attention to style and appearance, and dress strictly for formal occasions. Hats and scarves are worn in cold weather, and women prefer traditional clothes. The younger generation, however, is more free-spirited.

The Czech people regard roses as the national flower, and when communicating with them, they can discuss popular sports topics. They usually don't like to talk about family trifles, which they consider quite private.

712a7ba14da036024795712796c11cb6Czechs are used to eating Western food. There is a local inexplicable custom, is to invite dinner. The Czech invitation will say please bring your own cutlery. Therefore, guests must bring their own cutlery to dinner.

We hear the word "boho" all the time, like accessory-style, boho style. But look carefully and there is no such country. In fact, Bohemia is now the Czech Republic. Bohemia is centered on Prague, which was historically the territory of the Czech Duchy, which was later renamed the Kingdom of Bohemia and is now the Czech Republic.

Czech people love wine. Their consumption of wine is very huge, forming a unique wine culture. Czechs are especially fond of Pilsners.

According to statistics, the Czech Republic, not Germany, consumes the most beer per capita. Czechs consumed 181.9 liters of beer per person in 2020, compared with 96.8 liters in second-place Austria and 92.4 liters in fifth place Germany. Of course, the highest total is our country.

Looking down on Prague is really like stepping into a Renaissance painting, full of medieval style. Prague has been an important political, economic and cultural center in Central Europe over the past centuries, and the city has a rich history. There are galleries, museums and theatres everywhere.

The Czech Republic is a country of castles. Ancient Europe is quite popular to build castles. Karshtein Castle is a famous Czech Gothic castle. It is the best of many castles in the Czech Republic, a landmark. The castle was built deep in the mountains and forests, and it was rebuilt many times by different dynasties.

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