Republic of Turkey, on the border of Asia and Europe. From the ancient Ottoman Turkey to the present Republic of Turkey, it has always occupied the crossroads between Asia and Europe. Turkey has an area of 783,600 square kilometers and a total population of 83.15 million.

In Istanbul, 65% of the urban population is in Europe and 35% of the urban population is on the Asian side. The Turkish Strait is the only waterway that controls the Black Sea!

Such an important city, it is natural that Turkey would not put everything there. Turkey's capital has moved to a new place, far in the heart of the peninsula, in Ankara, which has grown from a small hill town to its current second city.

You often hear the geographical term Asia Minor, referring to the Anatolian peninsula. Asia means "East" and refers to the land of Asia in the east.

Most people who visit Turkey want to ride in hot air balloons. Cappadocia is a popular place to ride and watch hot air balloons, and has been named "one of the most beautiful places in the world" by Geographical magazine. The karst, wave-like landscape is the closest thing you can get to the moon's surface, perfect for hot-air balloon ascent 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

Goth girls and vampire fans should not miss this hotel, Sacridh House Hotel. The whole hotel is a medieval European classical style building, because seven metres underground, with down a spiral staircase, there is a bloody hell, called the flow of haunting dark red liquid pool, with a low echo of minor, make a person as if to place oneself in the vampire diaries, so people also call the hotel "vampire".

0beb269860513ac6bedc0813965b6609It is said that "the best and most beautiful carpet in the world can only be found in Turkey". Turkey is famous for its carpets, and the Galerie Ikman carpet shop in Cappadocia is a popular destination for many Internet visitors. It is full of exotic carpets that are perfect for photographing or buying as souvenirs.

Turkey is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The women here have the gentleness of Asian people and the deep big eyes and tall figure of European people, which has a unique charm.

The Turkish people are taught to care for animals, and even the government has set an example by building cat and dog houses and providing food on the side of the road. People here like to live in harmony with the animals!

The white-bearded grandfather, known as Santa Claus, who brings presents to children in a big red jacket on cold winter days, comes from his hometown in the snowy province of Lapland in northern Finland. But the original figure of Santa Claus is actually from the Turkish bishop St. Nicholas, who was very charitable and very fond of children.

Although Turkey and China are far away from each other, Turkey used to have a zodiac. And the order of the Turkish zodiac is very similar to that of the Chinese zodiac, except that the dragon has been replaced with a crocodile.

The Turks believe that garlic has a good fortune, so every house hangs a string or two of garlic. The "earthy" way to eat yogurt is the "garlic yogurt" combination, which is made by frosting cold yogurt and then smashing garlic or mint into a drink. The curious blend of garlic and yoghurt has captivated the Turkish people, making it a famous national dish.

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