2 thoughts on “What to do if gold jewelry is old, gold jewelry cleaning and maintenance method”

  1. Toothpaste can make our teeth white, and it can also make gold jewelry bright as new. Toothpaste can remove dirt on the surface of the gold jewelry. But this method is not very good, because toothpaste contains wear particles. If it is often cleaned with toothpaste, the gold jewelry will reduce the weight of the gold jewelry and cause unnecessary losses.
    ammonia water has a very effective effect on the cleaning of the gold surface. The method of helping ammonia cleaning gold is also very simple. First take a bottle to add pure water, then drip a few drops of ammonia in it, and finally put the gold jewelry in the gold jewelry After shaking hard for a few times, take out the gold jewelry and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Washing the gold jewelry with this method will make the gold brighter.
    This with soapy water mixed with a little alcohol, wipe dry with a soft cloth after rinse. Or dip out with a velvet with a toothpaste to gently light until the light.

  2. The following introduces several processing methods:
    1. If the gold jewelry is a very complicated luxury style, and the deformation is very serious, and the professional maintenance master cannot repair it, you can fuse the gold jewelry and re -create it, causing the gold earrings , Gold ring, or gold necklace.
    2, you can take the golden jewelry to the original gold shop to let the professional maintenance division look back. If it is just a little deformation, you can try to see if you can return to the circle.
    3. If the gold jewelry is not deformed, it does not affect the beauty, and you can continue to wear it. You can also go to the original purchase office to replace the old new or recycle gold jewelry, and then buy other favorite gold jewelry or other jewelry.

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