Can you lengthen your bangs

The bangs can be lengthened. The hair extension manufacturer will tell you that there are two methods of hair extension, one is a hair bundle, the other is a hair piece, which is easy to expose. If you are not in a hurry to long bangs, it is better to wait for the hair to come out from the line, and the length of the general bangs is also relatively quick. In general, bangs are easier to show, and it is recommended that they grow out, or extra thick bangs for hair extensions.

General hair is relatively sparse, it is not suitable for hair, because the person with sparse hair, the amount of hair will be extremely small, and the difficulty of thinner hair quality hair will become larger, affecting the effect of hair. Before hair extension, hair should be layered. You can use a pointed tail to lift a certain hair, and then the process of hair extension is layer by layer. This process is more detailed, and can also ensure the integrity of hair extension, so that the effect of hair extension is better.

07b245901a321fcb66e0a0bc539cb81fHair extension is a method that can quickly shift short hair into tall hair, which meets the mood of numerous short hair fairies. Long hair is more ladylike than short hair. ​Tall hair can also be shaped into different characters by changing hair styles, combining different clothes, showing different selves and highlighting their distinct personality.

After receiving hair, it is recommended to go to the barber's to wash hair, to avoid the hair caused by pulling a certain phenomenon of hair loss. If you wash your hair, you should avoid bending over to wash your hair. Bending over washing your hair is easy to cause a certain pulling phenomenon on the hair, so that the hair falls off and affects the beauty of hair extensions.

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