3 thoughts on “Where is the hidden map and coordinates of the legendary version of the legendary version?”

  1. Hidden Map-the Magic Ridge and then everyone often goes to the 6 big clothes maps of the Demon Dragon Hall of the Devil Dragon Hall of the Devil Temple of the Demon Dragon Temple.

  2. Treasure Pavilion: The Treasure Pavilion as a hidden map is not for Sabank members, but for ordinary members. The qualifications of the Treasure Pavilion in the legend can only enter, but if you find the opportunity, players can also enter the Treasure Pavilion. 80%of the BOSS in the legendary treasures gathered in Treasure Pavilion, where it is fighting with BOSS.
    Iladder: The Holy Realm is one of the mysterious maps in the legend. The sanctuary will produce the medal equipment that the player is usually difficult to see. Only the specified route can be seen after the domain.
    The source of evil: Many players in this map have not heard that it is because it belongs to the event map, and it has only been opened from time to time. The source of all evils is similar to the Treasure Pavilion. There are quite a lot of BOSS here, including rare activities of the event. The entrance to the source of all evils is at the gate of Taoyuan, entering the gate of Taoyuan from the seventh floor of the stone tomb, and then entering the source of all evils.
    Is Love Canyon: This map is the main output of the wedding ring in the legend and the existence of the millennium tree demon. If you want to enter here, you need to enter a special entrance from Zuma Seven Floor 2, and you can leave the tree demon after entering the love canyon.
    Fantasy realm: This map is also very popular in the early version. The map of the fantasy realm is that the strategy of one level and one level can continue to the next layer. There is also a choice at the entrance of the next layer to the next level to make you choose a problem, which affects the setting of the export. It can be said that it is very interesting, but it is also closed in the subsequent version.
    Ittian maze: It is estimated that only some old players know this map. It is a maze map. When this map was launched, it was difficult to stump many players. At that time, I was still a student. The map is very high. This map is also a very impressive map. There is a NPC that can create weapons for players to create weapons for players. It's right.
    Fox Moon Secrets: Fox Moon's Secrets Falling: Emerald, scroll fragments, book pages, jewelry (seal), Tianlong jewelry fragments, weapons (seal), clothes (sealing), glory point voucher, Huyue seal notes Voucs, legendary fragments, fire dragon trees crystal. You can enter the secret place of Huyue in the Fox Moon veteran of Huyue Mountain. The "Fox Moon Team Spring" is required to enter Huyue's secret situation. Use Huyue Seal to redeem the Fox Moon Team Scrolls at the Messenger Messenger of the Fox Moon. Fox Moon Seal Certificate obtained by using monsters to do tasks can be redeemed at the fox Moon Mission Messenger. BOSS House, Shi Tomb 7. There is no monk zombie. It is another maze from the entrance of the tomb. After the maze, the entrance of this tomb has the monk zombie, and then enter the gate of Taoyuan. The goal order of Taoyuan has the entrance and enters the same map of the same grave. The Temple of Zuma, the Temple of Zuma Zhong (the deepest gathering place of the Zuma faction), entered the Zuma Temple Fair to reach a Zuma Temple Gallery (19:17), and go directly to the cada in the Chiyue Demon Point from the stairs. , Maps like the same path, running to the head, the map is a map of all evils. He just changed his name. Many clothes are called God's Red Moon Devil, or the Dark Red Moon Demon, and a tree. Demon.

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