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  1. —— According to the literature records, the earliest use of the ring is the tragedy hero of Greece -the bound Prometheus. In order to punish Provence to humans, Zeus tied him on the Mount Kokusuz. Every day, a eagle flew to the mountain, pecking his internal organs, and at night, the organs he lost will grow again. come out. Later, Herighelis killed the eagle and rescued him. The chain that originally tied him into his ring was turned into his ring. Later, the ring represents the meaning of maintaining each other, so as early as the ancient Roman era, wearing a ring became a way for men and women to commit each other. Regarding the origin of the wedding ring, China said: In ancient times, the king was favored by the concubine, so she gave her a silver ring -making voucher. When she gave birth to the child, she replaced it with a gold ring. Later, ordinary people also used the rings as a certificate of marriage and gradually evolved into a wedding ring. The origin of the engagement diamond ring -this tradition began in the fifteenth century. At that time, the Austrian Grand Grand Mcsi Mirun made a rumor to the Mary of the Bergen. His relatives giant text: “His Royal Highness, when you are engaged, you must send a ring with diamonds.” Magic Millenna said. This ceremony has been circulating for centuries. The origin of the wedding rings — the circular shape of the wedding ring symbolizes life and eternity, and the reason why the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger is because the Egyptians believe that the blood of this finger can reach the atrium, which can reach the place where the love is in charge– heart. Because the ancient Romans believed that the ring finger was the finger guarded by the sun god Apollo, so wearing a ring on the ring finger, especially the diamond ring with the sun, can strengthen love and make love last long. And now the most correct wedding ring wearing a married woman is actually to bring the engagement diamond ring with the ring of the marriage on the ring finger at the same time.

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