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  1. In ancient times, the three golds were golden, gold bracelets, gold pendants, or silver or gold -plated, or they were satin, or they were not only a wedding custom, but also a symbol of wealth.
    The three gold today is a ring, necklace and earrings. One diamond is a diamond ring, which is usually used when the woman in the direction of the man proposes.
    The expansion information:

    The meaning of the three gold and one drill:
    1, noble and rich
    three gold, which represents gold making jewelry. Wealth, and sending Sanjin when marriage also represents the newcomers who want to get married after marriage. After marriage, they can bring the gold jewelry on the marriage. They can also see that the good family of daughters marry is a display of a rich and good life.
    2, identity status
    Secondly, it also symbolizes identity and status. In the ancient three books and six hired Ming media, it was the wife. In fact, Sanjin also represents the daughter -in -law who was obtained. The recognition of the child identity.
    3, traditional customs
    Although the meaning and significance of the representatives in traditional customs are different, it has a certain reason for being used to this day. With the development of the times, the three golds are different in various regions. The three golds are "three -fold" gold, and some are three types of gold jewelry, which mainly depends on the understanding of local customs.

  2. Refers to the three gold jewelry in the wedding custom, namely the gold ring, the gold necklace, and the gold earrings (gold bracelets), which is a gift from the woman to the woman; a diamond ring is a diamond ring, and the diamond ring has been popular in recent years. Generally At the engagement ceremony, the man was worn for the woman and was a token of a marriage contract for both men and women.
    It from the old marriage customs, the convenience of men should prepare gold jewelry for the woman to express their importance and love for the woman. On the day of marriage, the bride will wear it on her body and it looks noble, which also reflects the generosity of the man's family. The diamond ring has been popular in recent years. Generally, the man wears it for the woman at the engagement ceremony. It is a token of a marriage contract for both men and women.
    Extension information

    The gold symbolizes wealth. Diamonds represent love and virginity, while jade means family harmony and happiness. The three gold and one diamonds have always had this tradition. It is a matter of righteousness to marry a girl to collect the gift. Although the changes in the times have different customs, the man's money has not changed.
    Secondly, the woman wearing gold and silver is a sign of the man's status. Obviously, the woman's jewelry is wearing more, which shows that the richer the man's family, the more sincere the woman's mind.

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