1 thought on “What does it mean to dream of wearing a diamond ring?”

  1. Dreaming of wearing a diamond ring means:
    The atmosphere of money disputes should try to avoid money borrowing. Even small money must be recorded, and you must be clearly allocated on average with others to go out to eat and buy things. The silver ring can help you avoid some small disputes. Find your same sex to dine together, and let the other party give you some suggestions on money.

    The auspicious and bad of dreaming of wearing a diamond ring:
    This inevitable feelings of lonely struggle at first, but the fighting spirit is exciting, the difficulty is finally eliminated, it is successful, successful and developed. The ribs are more developed. However, it seems that it is long -lasting and durable. Although it is frequent in success or failure, in short, it is generally peaceful, but it must prevent fires or scalds. Very prostitution. [Zhongji]

    for entertainment, not serious!

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