2 thoughts on “To visit the customer’s house, what gift is good”

  1. What gifts to visit customers
    In first visit
    When visiting the customer at the beginning, we can send some small gifts that are not too expensive to save costs, such as pens, notebooks, Taiwan calendars, etc., during the conditions, in terms of conditions In the case of allowing, we can print the corporate logo on a small gift as an advertising gift. You must know that on -site sales are more disgusted, but bringing such cheap small gifts can at least say a few words to customers, so as not to be rejected. If there is a certain degree of practicality, it is better. For example, you can send the desk calendar in the New Year. Usually sending pen holders, notebooks, etc., not only practical, customers can often see brand logo.

    During the second visit
    It after the customer needs, the second visit to the door. At this time, it has been half successful. Bringing a more practical one, of course, don’t be too expensive. For example, in summer, we can send a small fan of USB; in winter, send a hand -warmer mouse pad. This kind of small gifts are not very expensive, but although it is not a necessity for customers, it is needed. Bringing a practical small gift is that customers will have a good opinion, and the order is even more popular.

    The usual customer situation maintenance
    If customers are not disposable customers, they have established a supply and demand relationship for a long time. From time to time, you have to come and visit from time to time. Send a small gift to communicate well. The company’s customized notebooks are okay. At that time, you can visit more casual. Talking can be more casual, gifts can be more casual, and you can also pull the family, so that customers feel that you treat him as a friend.

    VIP customer maintenance
    If it is some high -end customers, you can give gifts. Gift book is a self -selected gift giving mode that advocates the choice of customers and simplify the problem of gifts for gifts. Each gift Album selected dozens of gifts to meet different customer needs as much as possible. When the enterprise purchases gift books to customers, customers can choose a favorite gift exchange in the gift book, and then express delivery of gift book brand Fang Express to the customer’s house. In this way, you can try to meet different customer needs.

    Correcting gifts for corporate holidays
    If of the festival, it is best to buy seasonal gift books for the season. For example, there will be a special Spring Festival gift book for the Spring Festival. The gift book can also print the company’s logo and blessings to help companies show their image and let customers deepen their impact on the enterprise.

  2. Visiting customers means that when you meet the customer’s working hours, when you meet in the customer company, bring gifts to be extraordinarily attentive. It is not too expensive, otherwise it is suspected of accepting bribes. At the same time Sex, the most important thing is that there must be a logo of their own company in the gift. The purpose of sending gifts is to let customers remember their own company, and then think of themselves when they have business. This is the ultimate goal;

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