Kimberley's replacement ring?

When I was engaged, I bought a diamond ring on Kingsbely. When I got married, I changed the ring to my husband a good diamond ring. I do n’t know if I can change anything else. Can I change the golden ring? Do you need to bring a certificate?

5 thoughts on “Kimberley's replacement ring?”

  1. Diamond ring can only be replaced with diamond accessories (such as diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, etc.) with the same or above price, and cannot be changed to gold or platinum. The paid bills and certificates of jewelry are complete and the jewelry diamonds are not damaged. No matter what time, Kimbelie can be replaced in any city. If the bill certificate is lost, go to the franchise store to ask for the cost of supplementing the cost.

  2. Generally, the same series is changed. For diamonds to change gold, you also go to the specialty store you sell. I used to exchange gold with platinum. I ca n’t change it.

  3. See if the merchant agrees, huh, if you are free, you can go to see the products produced by our factory. Our brand is "Sagney" originally in Italy. The Baidu user name is my QQ number.

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