4 thoughts on “I bought the Lao Fengxiang bracelet for 20 days, can I repair it for free?

  1. Maintenance is okay, but whether it is free to be sure, because some places need to be charged, and some places are free for life. Just ask a few more.
    The problem that is not round is easy to solve in the store. You can find a beer bottle at home and try to rectify it yourself.

  2. As long as it is not artificial, it can be repaired for free!
    Cong -style bracelets and twist -type styles of common dragon and phoenix are gold bracelet styles with traditional charm. Most of the traditional gold bracelets have a single style, but the surface of the bracelet has complicated patterns. With the continuous development of modern jewelry jewelry
    , the style of the gold bracelet has also become colorful, like simple and generous light bracelets, exquisite hollow design, and pneumatic bracelets.

  3. Haha, the higher the gold content of gold, the softer, the normal, so it is flat, and generally it is free to repair, but the welding is also required for gold, so it requires money.

  4. 42 grams is thick in the middle of the bracelet. In principle, the bracelet of this gram should be very strong, and wearing should not be broken. However, the gold itself is very soft, the higher the purity, the softer. What causes the bracelet to break? Intersection Intersection

    Igly when wearing gold jewelry, avoid external force squeezing collision. When the sliding bracelet is mediation, try to hold the periphery to ensure that he is uniform, and it can basically guarantee that he is a round shape The deformation of the solid gold bracelet can actually be rounded, but it is not easy to repair. It is too thick and inconvenient. Even if the welding is welded, there may be obvious scars. However, the payment will be charged for depreciation, because it is obviously caused by human reasons. (If this bracelet can still be repaired, repair is free, ensure that the inner circle of the bracelet can see Lao Fengxiang's brand imprint, and bring the quality guarantee form of the goods)


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