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  1. Gold has always been a common low -threshold investment tool. There are many channels for purchasing gold, such as gold shops and banks. The quality and price of bank purchases of gold are relatively transparent, so many investors will go to the bank to buy physical gold. However, the real gold monetization is not convenient. So how do you sell gold purchased by banks?
    On how to transfer the gold purchased by the bank
    1, the bank's custody
    The banks sell gold, but do not repurchase gold. Because the gold may be damaged during the storage process, it will affect the quality of the gold. Therefore, many banks stipulate difficulty.
    although banks do not repurchase gold, they usually provide golden custody services. Investors do not withdraw the actual objects after purchasing gold, but instead be kept by the bank, and investors pay a certain custody fee to the bank. At the same time, it can be sold during the bank's management period and pays the transaction fee to the bank according to the transaction amount. The proportion of transaction fees charged by various banks is different. Generally, the transaction value is left or right. Specifically, you need to consult the local bank outlets.
    2, bank repurchase
    , although the bank repurchase gold's conditions and harsh conditions, there are still some banks that support the repurchase of their own specified varieties of physical gold. For example, China Merchants Bank's Gaussor Standard Gold Bar and the "Long Ding Gold" gold bars from Construction Bank.
    The gold repurchase requires investors to go to the counter designated by the bank for processing, and the repurchase procedures are cumbersome and need to strictly test the quality of gold. However, there are also online gold repurchase, such as Ping An Bank.
    The content about how the gold purchased by the bank is transferred, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Reminder, wealth management is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

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