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  1. The price of thousands of gold in the market will be relatively higher, because the gold content of thousands of gold is the highest in gold content, so its price is generally much higher than other gold prices. It is 492 yuan per gram. Compared to other gold, its price is more than ten yuan per gram higher than the price of other gold.
    So the price of thousands of feet in total is much higher than those ordinary gold, and there are also very few merchants selling thousands of gold on the market. Among them, only one old Fengxiang gold sells thousands of feet.
    Actually, I think the price of gold is high, which only comes from its performance very good, and its number is very rare. To a certain extent, the melting point of gold is very very high, so the real gold is not afraid of the real gold. Well, if some gold is added to all kinds of materials, the performance of the alloy to a certain extent will be greatly improved.
    and gold, as a raw material for jewelry, is also a symbol of wealth. In ancient my country, gold is used as a custom as a variety of jewelry. Gold reserves, at home, whether it is surgery or as a BRICS, it is very practical at home.
    Many people will buy a small gold medal for their children every year or every month after giving birth to a daughter. This is also a dowry for her daughter. To a certain extent, gold will not depreciate, so even after 100 years, the value of gold will always exist, because there is no one thing to replace the value of gold.
    But I think whether it is ordinary gold or very few on the market. If you are playing, it is also possible to buy ordinary gold, because the content of ordinary gold is also very high, even if you store it at home for hundreds of years, it will not deteriorate.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, dear! I am glad to answer the question for you, I am Xiaolin! I have seen your question, and I am sorting out the answer. Please do n’t worry. If there are many people, you need to wait for it. ! Thank you for your understanding! Intersection BleaknHello, you inquire about you, Football 999, 505 yuan/gramnGold itself is not corroded, but its chemical affinity with sulfide is very strong, and it is easy to adsorb the hydrogen sulfide gas in the air. The surface shows dark colors such as orange, brown -red and other colors. The production of gold products requires many complex processesnAs of 2021, the price was 357 yuan / gram, which rose 17 yuan within a day, but it had fallen to 346.2 yuan / gram on the morning of the 20th; the price of 999 jewelry was 415 yuan / gram. The price of Chow Tai Fumen was 468 yuan / gram and 446 yuan / gram on the 8th and 20th; the price of gold bar gold chapters was 458 yuan / gram, 436 yuan / gram.nDo you have any other questions? The order will end automatically after 24 hours. If my answer is helpful to you, look forward to your praise, thank you n3 morenBleak

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