Can the Kimberley diamond ring tone? Can I change it?

My wedding ring was adjusted at the time, but our Kimbeli shop can be replaced in different places?

5 thoughts on “Can the Kimberley diamond ring tone? Can I change it?”

  1. It can be replaced, as long as the mark on the ring is still there, you can take your ring ticket, certificate, and that small price sign. Diamonds are intact. Any Kimbelie store in China can be replaced, but those who must be exchanged or above the same price must be exchanged. Do not look at your purchase price at that time, only the price on the price signing. Of course, if you go to other places, because you are not buying things in their shop, if you want to adjust the same price without adding a penny, others will definitely not be very willing. It's okay. Because others do business, they are not saints. Besides, if you just want to change a price, you don't need to change it, because you wear it yourself, the style is the most important. This is still very convenient to exchange depreciation and labor expenses. This is still very convenient.

  2. Can be replaced, just pick up the invoice.
    The ring is derived from the ancient sun worship. The ancient ring was made of jade, symbolizing the sun god of the sun. It believes that it is like the sun god, giving people warmth, sheltering human happiness and peace, and also symbolizing virtue and eternal, truth and belief. During the wedding, the groom wearing a gold ring symbolizes the fiery sun; the bride wears the silver ring, symbolizing the bright moon.

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